Jules Rolfe and Seth Leamer

Seth Leamer
Still Still Life

Inspiration Piece

Faceless Independence
by Jules Rolfe


Daddy, I thought you created me to be small.
A small and faceless doll
to serve masters who only craved my silence.

Daddy, you created me to suffer
To stuff my light deep,
as if light itself was a mortal sin.

Daddy, when you lost your voice
You told me I was wrong.
You created me to shine.
To go so far from home, that I became your sun.

Daddy you said you created me
to go further, be better, burn brighter.
You created me not to be you.

Daddy, now that you are gone,
I see the part of me that is you.
And the parts that are not you and more.
I am faceless and
this light will not be silenced.


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