Kathleen Finn Jordan and Holly Hinkle

Holly Hinkle

Inspiration piece

Kathleen Finn Jordan

Response Piece

What anger in these eyes or
perhaps indignation
not a first world problem me thinks
her shoulders suggest an argument that is weighty
a purpose that has been deferred
an exhaustion that is mighty
and an accusation in the eyes that
transfix the beholder
the struggles of the many float in space around her and
settle in her frame, in her look, in her statement of being
She is an overwhelming question and dares the one who
stands before her to answer, to respond, to address
The question that is she.
Why are some so threatened in this world
Why is there rage or indignation in the eyes, exhaustion in the frame,
Accusation in the very existence of those
Who through no fault of their own come to a place
Of no recourse, no escape, no possibilities
I look and I feel that she is not in her house.

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