Kamika Cooper and MM Panas

MM Panas
“Take Back the Night”
acrylic paint, charcoal, collage on paper 22” x 30″
Inspiration piece

Keep the Night
By Kamika Cooper

cannot take back what
was not mine to begin with
never wanted any part of that
loud nighttime madness though
i tried i failed was felled and it hurt

when i was little
mama turned on the porch light
when it was time to come home and
sent a psychic wave through the streets
that whispered make it sista and i always did

on time

i was a not quite sheltered
black girl magic cinderella
required to be home by mid-sundown
because there was sinister energy rumored
to be lurking sneakily just around the corner

hiding in the bushes

but regardless of sundown
or daybreak there was no true safety
and sometimes home was a lot worse than
whatever was lurking in those bushes like
sinister energy vampires who never sleep


so they can keep the night
let them have it served up like cayenne
peppered gasoline that sets the night on fire
and i will keep my black girl magic powered by
the light of the sun so i can see them coming

let them trespass if they dare

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