Kathleen Finn Jordan and Diane Mayr

Diane Mayr
“All Night Long”
Inspiration piece

Cat Rap
By Kathleen Finn Jordan

Grandma Pussycat in a straight-backed chair
Playing guitar meows fill the air
all night long since she’s nocturnally set
Meow to the rafters she’s a favorite pet.
She does not do tricks since that’s just too dog
She hunts in day whether rain or fog
Independent she is and able to prove
She’s on her own in a stealthy groove.
Her fans are many and her foes are too
But Grandma pussycat has more to do
Than puzzle out schemes or sit and stew
She sleeps, eats, purrs, she’s smart that’s true.
She lets you know what she likes to do
And if you’re cool she likes you too
But she must consent don’t pretend to know
She makes her choices and she’ll come or go
She remains her own counsel and if she wants to play
The guitar at night that will be the way.
Grandma Pussycat in a straight backed chair
Playing guitar as meows fill the air.



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