Kamika Cooper and Susan B

Susan B
digital photography
Inspiration piece


By Kamika Cooper

i never understood how love could be forbidden
as if what exists between you and me
is anyone else’s business or concern
as if what is felt by you and me could somehow
call others’ views into question or denounce their religion

we have to steal glances from across crowded streets
because if our eyes lock for too long one of us
could be taken away to some unknown place
because if we speak of our longing danger would be waiting
around every single corner as if we are the real danger

that is what would happen if our love for one another was known

so all we have is this space in the hills over our city
the occasional rendezvous to re-profess our love
never knowing if this one will be our last one
the occasional meeting where i find myself peeking through
the window with nerves on edge until you arrive into my arms

why can’t we just stay here?

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