Ray Sharp and Rusty Lynn

High Tech Head, Painting by Rusty Lynn
Inspiration Piece


Xavi at the Mall, Flash Fiction by Ray Sharp

Xavi 248.655.ESP was seeing two Annas, Anna 176.323.RUS and Anna 088.499.FRA. He tried to keep them straight in his cybermind by calling Anna FRA “Anne,” with one syllable. Xavi loved the small mole on their left cheeks, the fine blonde hair on the small of their backs, the way they cooed when he stimmed their necks.

Anna was older and more confident than Anne. She wore long auburn hair piled atop her head, fixed with bits of wire and twigs and beads like the nest of a bird that might have lived on some faraway island and collected shiny trinkets before the Ubertides. Anne’s hair was short-cropped, plain Anna-brown, and she always wore clothes in public, even in the hottest eight months of summer, a quaint affectation from The Beforetime.

Anna and Anne suspected that Xavi costimmed other people, but he hadn’t gotten around to telling them that he was interpathing two Annas, and it was getting more awkward by the day. Xavis have a serious blushing gene, and right now Xavi 248.655.ESP was burning crimson from forehead to ears, and flushing down his throat and thorax to his fauxnavel. He rose to duck behind a huge gen-enj pineapple bush in the main plaza of CA.BC.24.d where he had been eating his protein bar, but it was too late. Annas were gliding toward him from opposite directions, each waving her left hand, each riding her hoverboard goofy like Annas always do.


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