Diane Mayr and Shalini Rana

Diane Mayr
“The Right Tool for the Job”

Sister, the Fly That’s Never Near Walls, and Other Things We Are
By Shalini Rana
Inspiration piece

She’s a splash of red coat bobbing
on an ivory snow backdrop

Bold baby raspberry
Little scream with a hard touch
(always bending back book pages)

Never a fly on the wall, she smashes
white clouds under her feet
My dainty dose of disaster

There’s something vintage in our opposites—
like we were different together before

Me: a pillow waiting to catch sleep
Her: an accent wanting to be heard

But these days I’m old-hag big sister
and she, a winged preteen pest

I catch her with a flyswatter and cup
See, I know where she flits about


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