Jay Young Gerard and Lisa Nielsen

Jay Young Gerard

Another walk, alone
By Lisa Nielsen
Inspiration piece 

I saw a rose half buried in the sand
and it still haunts me
was this a love letter to the ocean
or a memorial for a love that drowned

all i know is that
A rose by any other name
still breaks your heart
some of us are not so easy to love

do these walks alone mean something?
they don’t bringing me peace, just calculations:
8,352 steps roughly 2.5 miles, roughly an hour of me wondering
when i can go back home

At one time people smiled, now, as a show of kindness
we lift up our masks to cover our faces if we pass too close.
i top this off with hello, sometimes thank you
with a hesitancy bordering on desperation, I want to ask how are you doing?
is there someone at home that loves you?


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