Marilyn Ackerman
and Kathleen Finn Jordan

Marilyn Ackerman

Flatten the Curve
By Kathleen Finn Jordan
Inspiration Piece

This dark and cloudy day in time of isolation
Mimics the inward – outward silence
As all stay in to flatten a curve
The stranger amongst us – a tiny executioner
Reaching out for friendly habitat
Steals into the reaches of warm hands ungloved and
Noses, eyes and mouths unmasked
To what end this strange time
as weeks melt into months
And nature at large springs into color here
Refrigerator trucks load up with dead in New York
And Italians sing from balconies and cry in kitchens
Politicians tweet and speak to huge audiences
at certain times of day
At others thousands zoom in for a look
and chat with family, friends and fellow travelers
Graphs, predictions and numbers fill screens
and are watched carefully
As medics cry out for protective equipment and
The silences of the streets and parks die
In the tumult and beeps of the icu
Bleak contrasts as all stop
and some reflect
On the world we have crafted
All working to flatten the curve
Wondering when and if a return to something else
is possible.


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