Liz Ness and Darice Jones

Liz Ness
Another’s Shoes

By Darice Jones
Inspiration piece


sitting in the groove of her lush and looming backyard ash tree
Where the roots wound down invisibly into the

cinnamon-colored earth and her bare feet

relaxed into an unearned comfort, up against the forever yielding green grass

Emma wondered seriously,

maybe for the first time in her life, if she were a good person
she suddenly and sullenly recalled chronic complaints of her cinnamon-colored friends, co-workers, bosses, and mentees

the way she’d courted the imaginary middle ground

where she could be both an ally and a leveler,

encouraging a “reasonable” way out of the racial tensions, rather any willingness to go in.


she leaned back

fully touching the ash


Written Under a Virgo Sun

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