Kathleen Finn Jordan and Rusty Lynn

Rusty Lynn
Inspiration piece

The Cycle and the Circle
By Kathleen Finn Jordan

Draping blues with shocks of starlight float to earth
Punctuated by drill like shooting edge sharpened branches
Reaching out, sticking skyward, holding earth in place/
Daylight retreats and dusky suspicion transforms the certainty of day
Soon the darkness, soon the cooling respite, soon the hint of end of all
And, perhaps, a chance for new beginnings emerging
As disappearing blue shoots skyward with the whisper of dawn
A not so confident appearance of light, which with the practice of a few hours, will
Blast out sure and strong its rays spinning and darting in all directions
Surprise, another chance, a new day, a what do you think will happen
Begins the cycle and the circle once again.


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