Donna JT Smith and Karen Schmitz

Karen Schmitz
Inspiration piece

The Legacy
By Donna JT Smith

Any fabric she embraced
Succumbed to her control;
Every needle with her touch
Realized their starring role.

Thistledown would fill the air
Late-summer on the bay,
On the day that Newfoundland
Began to drift away.
She followed him, her fisherman,
South with child in tow.
Still near the ocean’s wildest winds
Was where they sought to go.
She came by boat with little more
Than the clothes upon her back,
Pieced and sewn by her own hands,
No garments off a rack.
She left behind her old life
Of hard simplicity,
And looked upon her new world
She’d heard of past the sea.
So this was her America;
No more a chiffon dream.
She knew the life of fabrics,
She lived in worlds of seams.
There’d still be denim hardships,
Still some canvas sails;
But, oh, the legacy she’d leave
In taffeta and tulle trails.
Heritors in years to come
Would love the weave and waves
Of ocean and the fabric,
Though with lesser waves to brave.

Now any fabric we embrace
Still feels the past control;
Every needle with our touch
Reveals her starring role.


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