Jenny Forrester
and Jennifer Fendya

Jennifer Fendya
“Going Somewhere”

Inspiration piece

Jenny Forrester

I’m leaving. You, throngs of people who’ve become The Man under the guise of sticking it to Him. ‘Twas ever thus with your kind. And you. You, tiny man with your tulips and your pinup girl pins, asking me if I’ve lost weight under the guise of being complimentary and caring. You, small woman with your making fun of your thin lips under the guise of being anti-racist. You, eensy man with your not liking mayonnaise under the guise of being woke. You, anti-government revolutionary with your womanizing of women of many ethnicities under the guise of being a lover of women. You, rebel with your arsenal under the guise of protecting the constitution of the united states. You, drug-user, using and abusing yourself under the guise of personal freedom and solidarity with the incarcerated. All of you, squiggly lines, headed to a vanishing point. Vanishing. Your voices, blending and ending. But I see the mountain. Sovereign. I’m headed there on the loud road, blocking out your noise, going somewhere, leaving all of you, you throngs, you mind-controlled, you tiny, small, eensy, pseudo-kind, pseudo-revolutionaries, pseudo-pseudos. Headed somewhere, outta here.


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