Kathleen Finn Jordan and Betty Nichols

Betty Nichols
Inspiration Piece

By Kathleen Finn Jordan

Deep in the sparkling sea depths – a surge
Concussion of sound and thrusts upward fly
And life soon emerges in a rawness of grey
And leaps on to land —wild emerge
The universe opens and spreads arms quite wide
As all life is in oneness reborn
Refashioned, envisioned, exploding, enhanced
Evolving in another new form.
The fauna, the flora, the fish and the fowl
The human, the other, the sea and the land
All expressions of life and all forms yet to be
In the mind, in the soul, in the hand.
Intersectional all myriad mixes and tones
Colors and lyrics and melodies strange
Combine in each newness entire and whole
As the lips kiss the breath of an infinite range
And so it all flows from the sea to the land
And back to the sea and on to the stars
As things fall apart and together again
Life is change, life is raw, life’s in charge.


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