Amy Souza and Cristal Brawley

Cristal Brawley
Inspiration piece

By Amy Souza

We sit together

Cross-legged, entwined

And I want to know your secrets

Isn’t that why we’re here?

These entanglements?

You don’t need answers

Or to understand the sun

Just tell me about that time

You stepped into the sea and

Felt something slide beneath your toes

How you yelled and leapt into a

Wave as a dark flat mass

Swam off surprised like you

And how even thirty years later

You consider that ray and wonder

Has it left this earth or does it

Bury itself still in the Gulf shallows

Your mother was there, too

Stooping over hot sand in search of shells

Your browning bodies, smell of salt air

Tell me how you wish you could return

To slow down that moment

Enjoy the ocean without fear

Like you know what’s coming

Hug your mother and

Hear her laugh

Hold on for dear life

Because one day she’ll be gone

And we’ll sit cross-legged, entwined

But nothing will feel the same



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