Jenny Forrester and
Madona Tyler LeBlanc

Madona Tyler LeBlanc
Screenshot from “Reciprocity” video
Inspiration piece

Jenny Forrester


We braid, reach out, reach up, bend, we believe…in art as…I walk up rainbow-painted steps, a giant heart lit up with the word ‘love,’ sit in a movie theater in Boulder, Colorado, watching Beijing Spring, watching artists making art, some for arts sake, revolutionary because Mao’s red book states that art isn’t for its own sake. Can’t be. Must tow the communist ideological line. In the film, the artists interact with Democracy Wall, make pamphlets, magazines. They ride bikes two at a time even though it’s illegal, carry their art on a cart, hang art on the iron fence outside the official art museum. At the end of the film, there’s a talk-back time and a woman born in China says she’d never learned of this piece of art history until that night. And a super smart professor says, and I paraphrase, “All the artists were creating something to do with the human body…each of the artists was a refugee due to their artistic creations even though only one of the artists was explicitly political…”

So it’s political to be a human.

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