JoAnn Moore and MM Panas

By MM Panas
Acrylic on paper 3′ x 8′
Inspiration piece

Reflections of the Season
By JoAnn Moore

Riotous spring colors erupt
through the landscape,

after weeks of mid-winter warmth,
safe in their evolutionary guideposts

that Mother Nature won’t
fail them.

Grandchildren run and climb
careful not to injure

the delicate daffodils, wayward
crocuses, insurgent magnolias.

Hues clash under the golden
warm blue sky. Meanwhile

the firmament rains
bombs the color of war

half a world away
as winter deepens.

With kindergartens crumbled and
streets on fire

subway tunnels become refuge
as teenagers, teachers and grandfathers


of pride
learning how to fire a gun—

disquietly knowing it all
can be rebuilt

except souls,
childhoods and truth.

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