Jennifer Fendya and Dale Leffler

Jennifer Fendya

Do You Know Hunger’s Touch?
By Dale Leffler
Inspiration piece

Do you know hunger’s touch?

Do you have an appetite that comes after watching mashed potato clouds
drift over egg yolk sunsets alone?

Or when the easterly orb drives shafts of golden rods
through the curtain folds of your bedroom window?

Is there a kinda grumble with the absence of
of being cold-footed-pushed to make toast and morning coffee?

Is lunch at your favorite spot devoid of the flavorings that would
please the palate and satisfy more than protein, fiber, and carbs?

And the evening meal, prepared in the other room
by some other person and severed by someone wearing a mask?

Do we not crave the most to consume





…..…..…..…..…..and tongues

that of our own kind’s kindly touch?

Do you know touch’s hunger?


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