Leslie Grollman and Donna JT Smith

Leslie Grollman
“Take Off”


Rain Touched
By Donna JT Smith
Inspiration piece

The drops tap on her shoulders

puddlemuddling her toes,

Still she dances in the rain

where rosy garden grows.

Sweet verdant vibrant stretches up

to frame where colors glisten.

With good ear you can hear the song

that floats to those who’ll listen.

She coaxes sun to part the clouds,

she hums to butterfly,

and as she tiptoes here to there

the leaves begin to dry.

The coo of doves, the robins’ trill

across the sky converse;

the chattering of squirrels, too,

expound on universe.

But I am sitting deep in thought

in awe of all that dance,

then realize we’re given space

and time to take that chance.

So I hum a tiny drizzled song

until it grows full bloom,

then tap a toe, a raindrop beat,

and watch the lift of gloom.

Who cares if someone turns their head

and spies my rising hope

as running, leaping, twirling I

pursue it up the slope.


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