Tiffany Golden and Darice Jones

Tiffany Golden
“Forever Connected”
Inspiration piece

Cosmic Colors and Fire Songs
By Darice Jones

Davina and Monèt’s Spirits had come into being around the same time – way, way, way back when – as a result of the random joining of 6 celestial forms that were made of cosmic colors and fire songs. They’d recognized themselves as new beings by looking at each other. Because they were made of the same stuff, seeing each other was like looking into a magnificent and ever-welcoming mirror.

Every 200 years Davina and Monèt would meet up between the yellow planet called Kemi and the green & black swirl planet called Wee. They were family. The duo were sojourners, committed in a tight nit circle of jazzy beings who looked out for each other across physical incarnations. Still, the connection between just these two was an elemental bond that could never and would never unlink.

Davina and Monèt had developed a system – and it worked well for them. They’d spend 100 years on separate adventures, exploring the multiverse – gathering thrills, knowledge, and unending delights. When their adventures were complete, they’d communicate with each other across the galaxies through the evolved network of emotion, rhythm, and vibration that most beings used in the celestial realms. They would spend a year updating each other, laughing, and talking mess about beings and planets that didn’t have their shit together. Sometimes they’d have to spend time crying about unexpected friction they had each experienced with immature souls who still thought violence, competition, overaccumulation, and aimless destruction were natural parts of life. How dreary and exhausting it was to encounter these energies. How crazy it was for beings to be both hoarders and annihilators. Davina and Monèt would enlighten each other, educate each other, comfort each other, and very rarely scold each other if one of them did something unsafe.

During their year of talking about their adventures, they would also decide what planet they’d like to incarnate into next together. So many experiences to choose from, so many galaxies to explore. They could go for one of the more dense planets, like Earth, where remembering who they were as Souls could be difficult. Or, they could explore one of the planets with more flow and alignment with the rest of the cosmos. If they did this, they would easily remember themselves, but their bodies might go from whole to fragmented throughout their incarnation. Whatever type of planet they chose, they always chose to be siblings. They had made a pact when they first came into being, soon after developing a solid language between them. They shouted out into the cosmos that they would always be together, and never spend more than 100 years apart. That meant that if either of them transitioned out of any incarnation before the other, the one left behind would only remain for 99 more years or less. The one who transitioned out would hang around in the cosmos and watch the other live & learn.

Although they loved their 100 years of separate adventures across the galaxies, the gap separation that happened after a shared incarnation ended wasn’t easy. In fact, it could be excruciating. In dense bodies living on the surfaces of various planets, the spiritual memory was iffy – like a Metro phone in a rural area. I mean, good luck with that connection. The unstable connection to the cosmos had a huge impact on the siblings’ ability to remember themselves as infinite, everlasting Spiritual beings. When one left the planet before the other, the one left behind often spent years feeling that life was not fair and engaging in questionable behaviors. One time, on the colorful planet Ogra’li, Davina had become a thief of precious gems after Monèt transitioned out first. Davina found pleasure in watching people search for their prized items, and not be able to find them – just as she could no longer find Monet. Another time, on the cool dark planet BimBim, in the 8th dimension, Monèt began masterminding coups that forced small government structures to fail after Davina transitioned out first. Monèt found solace in seeing order dissolve into chaos, just as she felt her life had been disrupted with the passing of her sibling.

And now, here they were again, at the end of an incarnation on the cool blue planet Poj – a planet that seemed to be heating up by the day. Davina was long, thick, and curvy with wooly golden hair that coiled into itself but grew long enough to flow down half her frame. Monet was slender, wiry, and appeared to be always in motion, with wooly short red hair that coiled close to the scalp.

Davina had been hearing a Soul siren call from the cosmos for almost a year, but it took time to break through the static and recognize what she was hearing. Soul sirens were intoxicating beings that moved through the celestial worlds and kept Spirits from staying on any one planet for too long. The moving about of souls was essential to the continued expansion of beauty and knowledge and the general abundance that is the truth of all life forms. Sirens knew all the energies ever birthed anywhere, and they knew how to call those beings home. Their voices were an irresistible magnet, that could break through any atmosphere and go right to the core of a soul.

In the months after Davina first heard the call, even though she had no words for what it was, she felt motivated to do several things that she’d always wanted to do on this planet. One month after the first call, she swam in the KeKe Rivers – 20 consecutive rapids that lead one into the other, divided by waterfalls, and eventually spilling out into a warm orange-colored ocean. The waters were healing, drinkable, and once a person hopped into the rapids, they had to ride the waves forward all the way to the big sea. Davina had only told Monèt about it after the fact, because she didn’t want to be talked out of the risky endeavor.

Two months after hearing the call, Davina had entered a bellowing contest, where beings gathered and called out to the large purple flying animals on the planet. The being to gather the biggest army of royal birds behind them was declared Bellow Chief and given free passage to sacred halls and sanctuaries all over the world.

Davina had used every inch of here thick, tall, curvy, brown frame to reach as many flying beings as she could.

“Oooooooh Ahhhhh Weeeee, Ooooo Ahhhh Mohhhhh!”

She swept the whole sky with her voice, and it worked. She won. And then spent weeks visiting sacred grounds and marveling at how others decided what mattered in life and protected it however they saw fit.

3-6 months into hearing the Siren call, Davina gathered everyone in her family line and completed Poj’s Movel ritual, saving Monèt for the very last. On this planet, rites of passage were less like a transition from childhood to adulthood, and more of an acknowledgment of deepening connections between beings. Whenever two or more beings agreed to take their relationships to new depths, the Movel ritual was performed. A green gassy substance that glowed and sparked like fire sat in between the beings, while the initiator of the ritual recounted all the qualities about the being in front of them that made them want to go deeper – become closer. Davina did this with all 40 beings in her family line, but the only one she told about the others was Monèt. At the time, Monèt had felt so special to be let in on her older sibling’s secret activities. And Monèt was all too eager to be the final participant in the Movel ritual, deepening the relationship even more.

What she didn’t know then, was that all the amazing activities Davina had instigated and completed were a result of feeling herself being called away. Hell, Davina herself didn’t even know. Then, one evening after a fun night of telling stories and eating gold breads and creamy sauces, Monèt walked down to Davina’s house – only about 70 steps from her own and saw the entire home covered in red silk. On Poj, this was how communities let each other know that someone was gone.

Monèt was sure it wasn’t possible, so she broke through the long line of beings that were outside the red silk singing transition songs. Monèt used her teeth to cut a hole in the silk and gasped at the site of the empty space. She could see the home from front to back. She could feel the cold breeze. She could hear their other family members behind her joining in the transition song. Monèt could not go forward into the empty house. Davina was not there. Monèt could not turn around to face her family, Davina was not among them. So, for days she stood in the doorway, surrounded by red silk, and imagined herself riding the 20 rapids alongside her sibling. She felt their hands clasped. She saw Davina’s sparkly mischievous eyes as they went over the falls. She heard Davina’s laughter as they spilled out into the orange ocean. Monèt felt, each time she imagined that laughter, that they would be together, somehow, somewhere again.

Meanwhile, just above Poj, Davina watched it all happen with a mix of emotions. Now, back in the realm of everlasting things, Davina remembered that their time on Poj was only a small step in an eternal journey. But she wasn’t so far removed from that mortality as to not feel Monèt’s grief. Davina wanted to reach down and assure her sibling that all would be well. She looked away when Monèt tore the silk with her teeth.

But then, she remembered that she could send her sibling comfort. So she sent her the memory of her journey over the 20 falls – complete with the fact that she’d imagined them there together at the time. And she could feel Monèt’s anxiety and bitter pain fall sweetly into comfort.
It would be another 65 years before a soul Siren came by Poj and sang Monèt’s name, calling her back to the cosmic realm. Davina hovered there, waiting for another 2 years before Monèt got the message and finally made her way home.

When her Spirit ascended and the siblings stood again soul-to-soul, an energy burst across the cosmos, dozens of dimensions deep, lighting up everything and everyone. It was the sound of ever-going love, the vibration of ever-felt unity, the energy of never-ending connection. Even the Sirens were silent for a moment while Davina and Monet rejoined in perfect synergy. And they fell easily into their consistent rhythm, joking and jiving about what they might do next.

by Darice Marcella Jones
In the Year of Octavia Butler ©2022

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