Sarah Pizer-Bush and Darice M. Jones

Darice M. Jones
“That’s a Stretch”
Enhanced photography
Inspiration piece

Before the Bloom
By Sarah Pizer-Bush

stretching covers across body
seeking comfort
seeking warmth
now is the time to pull all the way in
divine rest

something within is stretching
though nothing is visible to the external world
inside a vision is gathering

in a dream i see a friend
I am watching her from a far
looking out through a window
the scene is framed like a movie
the colors rich and warm
my friend is framed using the rule of thirds,
she stands on the left side of the scene
alone at a train station alongside the ocean
the setting is cinematic

my friend leans against a pole and waits
the waiting is calm
not much happens
a sparse station
ocean waves
my friend
and a sense of time passing quietly

then people arrive
there is an indication of urgency
soon the train will come
but my focus is on my friend
she is still leaning against the pole
poised, unhurried, completely at ease
I feel admiration and love for her
like I’m looking at a movie star

this is the dream I remember
there are many others I’ve forgotten
fragments linger with me upon waking
I do not effort to commit them to memory
I do not try to make meaning
I lay in bed in the morning and savor them
I let the images sooth me

I believe vivid dream life can be a sign of inner work
just as a seed splits and opens
seeking what it needs from its environment to change form
we too have times of undoing
falling apart
then finding new ways to come back together

change work begins on the inside
beneath soil
before the bloom


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