Fernanda Valentino
and Bianca Schrader

Bianca Schrader
Ojos de Dios
Acrylic on wood
Inspiration piece

Eye of God Watch Over Me
By Fernanda Valentino

Along the path that is this life
Our journey winds and turns
As we pick up fragments of tiny lessons learned
Ojo de Dios watch over me

When hope’s light wanes
And courage fails
When winter’s crushing weight prevails
Ojo de Dios watch over me

When darkness looms
And tears well up
When inner faith is not enough
Ojo de Dios, watch over me

While in this deep uncertainty
Each fearful step is taken
When confidence is shaken
Ojo de Dios, watch over me

“Nieriya”to see and understand
Beyond the realm of human sight
To trust the living, guiding Light
Ojo de Dios, watch over me

Under God’s protective gaze
Yearning to comprehend
The mysteries and power that we cannot transcend
Ojo de Dios watch over me.

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  1. Posted March 5, 2023 at 7:16 am | #

    Bianca’s painting is gorgeous and Fernanda, your response complements the painting. The repeating line give a meditative feel. A beautiful pairing.