Quinzee the Artist and Darice Jones

Quinzee the Artist
“The Download”
Inspiration piece

In the Time of You As Me
By Darice Jones

The day I accepted that you were me, and I you
The path broadened
Power accelerated, and the river found the ocean again
Oshun sang soprano, alto, and tenor
Causing Olokun to open his eyes in a tender baratone
That shook the sea floor and motivated new sealife pairings
Leading to new species – more of this ancient fluidity

The day you accepted that I was you, and you I
Trauma transmuted into a true calling
Destiny entered the crossroads and humbly listened for an answer from Elegba
Causing the wind to reach down and cover our faces with Earth
That tasted sweet, like the red clay eaten by children in the South 5 decades back
And in tasting that sweetness we finally understood the intersection upon which we stood
The fact that the four directions went back, forth, side-to-side, up and down

The years that followed our discoveries were the stuff of legend
Our creativity and collaboration was more of a vibration than a linear story, easily told
Instead we manifested things folks could feel – whenever their hearts were open
We generated dark, cool beauty that caused even the most stoic to release their need for control and give in to their greater need for Marimba
And because of our willingness to learn, and to act on what we learned, the whole world danced anew
From shoulder shakes, to head bobs, to twirling-swirling heavy hips, to rock-rock snap, rock-rock snap
Earth people remembered the power of spiritual rhythm, the necessity of everywhere unity
And because of you, me, you – that indivisible love that is grounded in the dance between doing and being – reigned once again supreme.

By Darice Marcella Jones
In the Year of Octavia Butler ©2023


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