Kathleen Finn Jordan and Amy Souza

Amy Souza
Inspiration piece

City Sponge
By Kathleen Finn Jordan

A big sponge—I slurp up the city
Borne on concrete streets
Shaded by looming skyscrapers
The never-ending hustle and bustle
Slinked into my bloodstream
Inoculating me from all that is dull
early in life.
No sleeping in the city- electricity stealing the night
No seeing the sun – scrapers to the sky snatching the rays
Bridges extend their steely arms whispering COME
Come here. Come now. The pace is rapid dance
Feet bouncing in the rhythms of a neighborhood walkabout
While all kinds of music scent the air lyrics in many languages
It’s the city—engine of all—alive in the busyness of the world
And I—a big sponge – inhale it – always looking up!


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