KJ Hannah Greenberg and Upasana Mitter

Upasana Mitter
“Negative (Black) – Watercolour and Pencil”
Inspiration Piece

By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Activity of the nous, that is, intellectual pursuits, seem
Like davits forever reaching for belongings gone adrift.
No cerebral lifeboat ever managed to rescue victims of
Restorative justice; compensation does not perpetually
Right wrongs; sometimes, it amasses irregular messes.

Consider that nonce words would be seen as erotic, new,
Even when priced past multilevel marketing. Ultimately,
It’s what’s cultivated among the youngest denizens that
Counts. No manner of forgery can deliver better results.

By and large, audiences’ verbalized spectacles are loud.
Usually, they avoid shoring up others’ losses instead of
Languishing afraid of recrimination/odd temperaments,
Enough to seed plants or further vulnerable stuffs. Once
Sidelined concepts sprout, they often grow into premises.




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