Quinzee the Artist and Darice Jones

Quinzee the Artist
Digital painting
Inspiration piece

By Darice Jones

I am your tether and your balm
Source energy is clever that way
7 billion plus mirror-souls on this blue orb
Looking out from different eyes
Breathing one breath from different lungs
Sometimes forgetting completely that we are one life
Everything we eat, walk on, and touch is part of a cosmic whole

You help me remember

Binaries exist as part of a greater whole that moves so gracefully
Every expanding
And sometimes we cling to them, attempting to slow that movement down
Afraid we will lose all that we savour
Afraid to expand beyond what we’ve known
Afraid to remember where we came from is so much bigger
Than a straight line with two points on either end

You help me remember

The great open field of awareness and beauty that is the birthright of all
The reason tree leaves and gusts of wind dance effortlessly
Without tying themselves down with the need to control things
The need to stay forever where and as they were
Without stopping progress by lamenting the passing of a previous joy
They dance, as we all can, into the next greater joy
They shimmy into the wondrous truth of change
No reversing of course to be great again
Instead leaning in to the unknown greatness of an unencumbered and ever-opening now
That rolls into the future so fluidly that every moment is a revelation

I am so grateful that you are here
Sitting across from me
Knowing anew

You help me remember
To allow life to be more.

Written By Darice Marcella Jones
In The Year of Zora Neal Hurston, 2024

© 2024

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