Rachel Lahn and Stefanie A. Shilling

Rachel Lahn
Mixed media with beach glass on wood

In Her Head
By Stefanie A. Shilling
Inspiration piece

on the back wall
between her left ear and her right ear
she positioned the couch

then the ottoman smack dab in the middle
right behind her nasal cavity

on the right side of the couch
she set up an end table
with trinkets, a book and a glass of water

on the left side of the couch
a tall floor lamp

and on the couch itself
a blue-gray wool blanket
draped across her lap

she sat on her couch
and looked out of the two large windows

the blinds blinked
open and closed
open and closed

and sometimes
they stayed closed for hours

the view varied a little bit
but the comfort she felt on her couch
remained the same

and so she stayed there

day after day after day
night after night after night

until the blinds stopped working
and the light
no longer filled the room

cobwebs stretched from lamp to table
trinkets now blanketed in dust
the book left open halfway
water long since evaporated from her glass

and the blue-gray wool blanket
draped across the couch
now nothing more than a moth’s haven


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