Agnieszka Rawa and Yolanda Palis

Yolanda Palis
Inspiration Piece

By Agnieszka Rawa


Smothered by words
Submissively silent
Imprisoned inside
Seemingly frail
And while they speak of another
You hide in my belly

Weakened by lies
Veiled in confusion
Losing ground
Defying the strain
And while the slander continues
You grow in my guts

Stunned by betrayal
Choking for air
Struggling to stand
Rising rebellion
And while the differences grow
You grasp for my neck

Bullied by hate
Wounded and frail
Blurred by dismay
Fighting off fear
And while reason dissolves
You lurk in my mind

Desperate at last
Drowning in pain
Mustering strength
Seizing the moment
And while they kill in your name
You aim for my heart

Persevering warrior
An afterthought first
Until time makes you strong
And with a coup de grace
You free my soul
And escape my lips

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