Kumani Gantt and Gabriel Shanks

Gabriel Shanks
Inspiration Piece

Kumani Gantt

What Shakti Said to an Expanding Universe

In the next adaptation pigs will fly. I promise you that.
Ah Shiva, don’t you remember –
something stirred the world before grace,
but we have been so beguiled by beauty.
Did you notice how the cherry blossoms dusted
the wet concrete pink this year? Now, everything is crimson.
If hummingbirds could sing an exegesis of love,
they surely would be moaning Do I Move You? by the cherry trees
The clouds are cobalt, cumulous and will not succumb,
though the sun has straddled evening just enough
that the light makes you young again in the orange flames.

The mystery is stanchioned inside me like a thousand water lilies.
Each consecrated and named.

Before you came, I was Kaos, crescendoing the blinding light.
Killing gods is sacrilege, but don’t you see, repetition is a deadlier flaw.
How many stars can one contrive before bursting into supernova, anyway?
Ah, tell me Auspicious One,
what will our children call us when they have uncovered the ruse—
Will it be Death. Betrayer. Evangelist. Life?

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