Marla Deschenes and Rusty Lynn

Rusty Lynn
Red Rocks Break Up

Mixed media on paper mounted on MD Board, 18 x 24 inches
Inspiration Piece

By Marla Deschenes


There will never be another time as this
Where the trees will grow both up
And down
And sideways.
Like the rivers of my heart beating eternally
I will always love you.
Standing here, on this rock
On this impasse
On this broken-hearted intertwine.

I have always loved you
As you bathed in the light of the illuminated sunset
A dance of pink and golden purple.
Twist and descend your roots here.
The kiss of your aura against my skin,
I felt your breath upon me
And the trees
They watched us.
They made us so.

I have to love him now
And throw only apologies if immeasurable,
As I did the day I asked the universe to comfort you
And guide you forever home.

There is only you
The slickest of the the celestial serpentine.
There is only you
There is

It was a choice I had to make
And one I hated.
It was difficult and possessed
As though the colors of the world
Might swallow me whole.
But I will stretch and I can bend,
A shape-shifter standing only on the pinkest horizon
Where the trees will grow both up
And down
And sideways.

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