Rosemary Luckett and Dale Leffler

Rosemary Luckett
Snow Says


Never Written Poems
By Dale Leffler

Inspiration Piece

Never written poems runaway
like playful Samoyed dogs in a winters’ storm.
Even if you find them, you can’t really see them
or make them come.

Black eyes and pink noses covered by curled tails
circled together for warmth and protection against angelic snows
with no beginning and no end.

So, in doing the walk, seeking white upon white
and corralling the past back in to house
merely ensures the walker will survive,
not the poet nor the never written poems.

For, in the house, these cold crusted words melt and run away like damp dark puddles huddled on the floor, from snow covered boots,
reflecting burning embers of a dying fire.

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