Tim O’Kane and
Lynne Elizabeth Heiser

Lynne Elizabeth Heiser
Spirals and Tiles

Inspiration Piece

By Tim O’Kane

A Man pulls a thread like a boy picks a scab; cautiously, yet casually, thoroughly, yet thoughtlessly.

Make it bleed again.

The thread spirals away; loose stitches in a fabric of forgive and finally forget.  Fading echoes of passion and betrayal.

Less than last time.

His slights and scars are premosaic; his skin the story, his clothes the bandages.  He doesn’t want to hurt, but can’t resist the self-righteousness of pyritic pain; sanity and suffering his overarching architectural elements.

Each time less and less.

Behind an unreachable dark window, he imagines past lovers looking at him and thinking “How are you?”  But no one is looking out the window.  They were the cutters, not the healers.  And they dropped the bloody blade on the spot, walked away, and never looked back.  When you give away a piece of yourself, you never get it back.

But still …

But still, you can pay a visit every now and then.  And so he pulls the thread.


The thread that keeps his memories at bay.

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