Tori Lane and Marsha Staiger

Marsha Staiger
Graft series,  CB Rake

Acrylic mixed media on canvas
Inspiration Piece

Through Blinds
By Tori Lane


Gloves and snow covered jeans
drip on the tile while I stare
through crooked venetian blinds
at the flakes continuing to fall –
thick, white flakes,
dark against the strangely tinted night sky.
In the red and grey night, I paced,

ankle deep in snow,
eyes closed,
breathing in
near perfect
Snowflakes waltzed
with fluttering lashes,
melting away
the fullness
of too many days.
The unfelt cold
resurrected wonder
as tiny snowmen
and an angel joined me
on the deck to play,
catching snowflakes
on tongues
and noses.
Gloved hands
packed snowballs
and I watched them
sail and land
without a sound,
a single falling cry.

With numb fingers and flushed cheeks,
I reluctantly returned inside –
and now all I hear is dripping.

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