Vita Sims and Frann Haykin

Vita Sims

Watercolor on yupo, 20″ x 26″

Touch And Go (A poetic tale)
By Frann Haykin

Inspiration piece

Sometimes we write a story;
like the daylight beyond a door.
Where bonded friends had lost,
but restored their friendship
so much better than before.

Yet theirs is no tale of fortune;
simply one
that had broken some ground…
for many others more.

–    ***

Always I have the right to my choices.
You’ve a right to your own, equally.
And sometimes,
that seems the best one can know…
A reminder that we’ve always been free.

So then, free enough to gaze
from the neutral space
between those judgements we’re minding.

For we’d missed out many times,
on what was here…
And missed out on what we’d had
when it was
no longer for the finding.

Many times, this is why
we choose friends of ‘like-mind.’
It seems easy for us
to chime with them…
to rhyme with them.

And may less likely
cut to the core of ourselves
if some of them go.

But they aren’t always the same
as a friend of ‘like-heart.’
For in those, we have met
more than an acquaintance.
And have done more
than ‘make acquaintance.’

Yet since our own hearts
are our most precious;
our powerful… yet most delicate very everything –
then we would not want any other’s
in place of our own.

Without our always realizing it,
we want to hear another ‘like-heart’
so that we can listen to our own.
We do this if we are in person…
We do this if we’re on the ‘phone.

And thus in our human boldness,
be in the comfort, and discomfort,
of heart’s home.

A realization, it is,
that ‘like-hearts’ share heart’s home.

And each individual,
who finds their natural home here,
is for the others
a realization of belonging.

In our human boldness,
drawn here to augment and increase
our happiness…
Yet we often find too
that we’ve uncovered
fears both old and new.

Thus both our comfort and discomfort –
our minds cannot distance.
Our hearts draw the both near.

Which then do we find ourselves choosing?
To ‘hurt and to bruise’…
To ‘love and to muse’…
trading one against the other?

Those choices make an incongruous mix.
And so, in despair of a solution,
‘like-hearts’ seem to rotate
those incongruous roles.

Yet in their essence, ‘like-hearts’ resonate
like no others quite can with them…
In their similar recognitions of joy,
and in ways that are subtley obvious to them.

Ever appealing to one another,
like few others can.
Each one, like a timeless toy
on a whirling carousel.
And they light up increasingly…
as their loving hearts swell.

Yet too, they amplify hurts
unresolved within these others.
By which each may come to recognize
their feelings of fear.

And so it seems that when we ‘like-hearts’
each owns what is ours –
those uncomfortable illusions
begin to dispel.
Wisdom and forgiveness can then settle in.

When our feelings of fear are not owned by us,
‘like-hearts’ may be repelled by one another.
Gloom and silence may come to occupy
their places in our own hearts.

So then,
It is not the incongruous roles
which is our solution;
We got caught up enough in touch… and go.

It is more the respect
for your right to your choices,
equal to the respect I have for my own.
And again the way opens wide…
To our surprise, we no longer feel obliged
to part our ways.

We do recognize intuitively
who is family to our souls.
Yet it’s the open-hearted welcome
we give to ourselves
that welcomingly invites these others.

And thus for each one
to own within themselves
what each one is to own.

So take a look in your heart’s home.
Pause with a little patience,
to feel those beckoning places…
where you told yourself you don’t care.

Can you hear the excited giggle?
Our own spirits are happy.
We’ve struggled without
and within the closeness we share…
Now we’re free together, in our closeness.

Yes with these,
who are our ‘resonant signatures…’
we needn’t choose the parted ways;
I welcome myself, and I welcome you home.

A humbling relief
to find ourselves free
from a pattern of touch and go.

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