Amy Souza and Elizabeth Wexler

Amy Souza

Watercolor on canvas, 15 x 30 inches

By Elizabeth Wexler
Inspiration piece

So many years of feeling locked in one room
A door opening, maybe, every few years…
Now they just keep opening
And I walk through them, not stopping to think
Knowing not where I’m going.
Who opens them, I wonder?
Until one day I look down
And see my hand on the knob.
It can’t be me, I think.
All these years
I’ve been waiting for two things:
One big door, though which is the place with all the answers;
And someone else to open it
The one who’s going to save me from myself.
Now I see that it’s door after door after door
And none of them are locked
The only lock before
Was in the imagination of my heart.


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