Catie Jarvis and Michelle Wallace

The Form of Tree

Part I. Rules of Poetree

  1. Two roots spring from the ground. Call them A and B.
  2. One trunk rises. Call it C.
  3. There can be, will be, must be, varying branches. As many or as few as the poet desires. For the tree is desire, is the earth pushing forth its memory, the poet pushing forth its child.
  4. Branches on the Right side of Poetree take their root A.
  5. Branches on the Left side of Poetree take their root B.
  6. All branches stemming from the trunk, take on the trunk’s name, C.
  7. Branches born of branches need only the letter of their birth. Yes, this one is confusing. (For example, a branch shoot of ACD would take the D and tag it’s own letter on behind it.)
  8. A Poetree is read from right to left and from bottom to top. Starting always with the roots, AB and then the trunk C.
  9. A Poetree is and a Poetree is. Create!

Part II. Architecture of the Poetree: Sand Piper

Part III. A Poetree: Sand Piper

Sand piper, frantic legged and

on the landscaped sky.

Sand piper on the landscaped sky, so dainty like Danielle,

so frantic legged. And on the landscaped sky I fanaticized at last

that I am dainty like Danielle. A married looping

fantasy. At last unafraid, of splash, of

sand piper on the landscaped. Sky fishing poetry.

Frantic legged and on the landscaped sky

I’ve found my pole.

Catie Jarvis




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