Elizabeth Wexler and Amy Souza

Amy Souza
Watercolor, caran d’ache, graphite, and collage on paper

Harmonious Hues
By Elizabeth (Betsy) Wexler


Your face, shiny red

radiant and luminous

as you strum the strings of your guitar.

The music floats into my ears

changing by the minute.

Sounding like colors…

I hear the screech of the red

splattering across the room,

The quiet strength of the blue

deep chords of green,

darkening the interlude

when you cease to sing…

and just let the guitar sing for you.

When you play I can’t help but listen

can’t help but stare.

It’s as if you, your music

has me hypnotized;

Till the next screech of splattering red

wakes me up from my trance…

All the colors seem brighter,


the music gets louder,


harmonious hues.



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