Mark Owen Martin
and Douglas Poms

Music: I Like My Love Over Easy
By Mark Owen Martin


I Like My Love Over Easy
By Douglas Poms

Inspiration piece

Waiter: How do you like your eggs?
Woman: Just like my love, over easy.

I like my love over easy
Light and breezy
Extra cheesy
Not too greasy

My heart goes pitter patter
Like pancake batter
Hot and splattered
Getting fatter

Without love, life is plain cottage cheese
Mushy green peas
Bland lukewarm tea
Juice not fresh squeezed

Now my life’s breakfast buffets
Sauce Hollandaise
Spinach soufflés
Cherry Parfaits

I like my love hard and boiled
Baked or broiled
With sausage coiled

I want to feel crisp and breakin’
Like a side of bacon
My heart achin’

My life was all Jenny Craig
Ham without egg
Ready to beg

It was all plain lean cuisine
No eggs Florentine
You know what I mean

But now it’s all bagels and lox
Cake in a box
Raid the icebox

I like my love over easy
Light and breezy
Not too greasy


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