Meghan MacNamara
and Vita Sims

Vita Sims
Inspiration piece

Meghan MacNamara

Stay inside. Don’t eat or drink anything.
We seem as if an island, slapped by simplicity so superior, it mimics reality.
The party boat throws hook and sinker to hook and sink many lives,
Sailing so seamlessly, few notice the current that eases its travels.
Some people say, our sources tell us…
Our voices buried beneath a claustrophobic undertow that pulls at us, tugs
And we nearly let go, drowned, our foaming last truths a mixture of saltwater and spit.
Stop!  Stop!  Stop!  Cut his mike!  Cut. His. Mike.
We nearly gave up screaming just then.
But we sank, nevertheless. We sank to the surface, where
Slick sheets of algae obscured and distracted, and we
Screamed silently, dissenting mouths submerged in double-crossing riptides.
Fair and balanced.  We Report, You Decide.
Our flapping arms and thrashing kicks cut through the slime
To let too little light through.


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