Neil Ellman and Rusty Lynn

Rusty Lynn
Euclid Can’t Dance
Inspiration Piece

Euclid Can Dance
By Neil Ellman


Euclid never said

He could dance

Or was inspired

By Terpsichore

But he could calculate

The rhythm

Of a square

The swaying of a line

From point to point.

“A line

Is a breadthless length,”

He said

As he breathlessly danced

To the lute and lyre

The distance along

The circumference

Of a spinning gyre

In circles he danced

In endless lines

In angular turns

Triangular steps

To the metrics

That could

Describe the world.

Plato said

That dance could say

In other ways

The words that need be said;

Euclid, the numbers

That choreograph

The universe.

Oh, Muse,

How he could dance.



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  1. Posted June 2, 2010 at 2:37 am | #

    This pairing shows why this is such a remarkable project. Both of these works stand alone admirably, but when they’re put together they make one breathtaking multidimensional piece of art.