Amanda Brainerd and
Joanne Lozar Glenn

Spark 9 Response

Amanda Brainerd

Indian Summer
By Joanne Lozar Glenn

Inspiration piece

When you say you love me,

say it on a Wednesday morning,

after your fruit and cereal,

after you have met your first appointment.

Let the thought come to you unbidden,

not prompted by deliberate recall:

the weight of my arm draped over your chest

the candle flame licking our shadows on the wall.

Remember us when you are tapping your pencil

in the conference room: me, holding your face in my hands,

you, wrapping the blanket tenderly around my shoulders.

Let the images float up

Let them clutch your navel and pull it tight against your spine.

Exhale. You are safe. No one is watching.

Let tenderness leak into your eyes

and if the secretary glances your way

let her think you are making a pass.

Motion to adjourn. Walk to your office. Whistle.

Keep your door open. Dial my number.

Say the words. I will tend them like flowers.

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  1. Posted September 4, 2010 at 5:38 am | #

    I love the way this poem and image add a little magic to the mundane. Beautiful!