Donna Kendall and
Christina Brockett

Christina Brockett
Silent Witness
Inspiration Piece

Abiding Venus
By Donna Kendall


From where she’s poised in her Third Age,
Glimpses into her heart,
Confessions scrawled, memories sketched,
Vows consumed, depleted, gone –
Tiny laughter, deepened, grown, departed.
Absent flow, an idle womb – that sits, recalls, anticipates
While yet her heart keeps time, and waits.

From where she stands she’s seen/unseen,
A furtive glance glides by,
Hasty thoughts, neglected moods,
Yearnings sown and passions reaped –
A dormant love has vigor still, yet
Cautious to reveal her unlocked doors and timid light,
Her steadfast heart keeps time, and waits.

From where she’s poised, still beautiful,
Her lines and shadows glimmer,
Whispers circle all around,
Temperance shines and flair demurs –
Where charm outlasts the veil of age,
Beneath her gaze the flickering beams of hope peer through
Her stalwart heart – keeps time and waits.

From where she stands and bears the weight
Of nobler days retired,
Desire burns, a stirring pulse,
Aches to smile and feel a touch –
Sighs too late, her secrets kept,
A solitary hold on all that was, and is, and longs to be
Remains within her heart, keeps time, and waits.



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  1. Posted September 5, 2010 at 9:30 am | #

    A wonderfully moody image, and beautifully written blank verse with a mesmerising rhythm. A very effective partnership.