Douglas Pugh and Janet Yandik

Janet Yandik
Inspiration piece

Painted lady
By Douglas Pugh

you are the quiet one
hanging in the background
at summers party
sipping and dipping
where nectars melt hides best

no raucous trills
like karaoke jays,
no caws
as from the goth cloaked
crow band

no, just quiet –
watching –
party frock ablaze
draped with a chiffon
of sober modesty

you’ll sip, stifle a quiet snigger
as the mall-magpies
parade trinkets, drown themselves
in the preen of the moment
before nesting in avarice

the thistle of days
bear more than thorns
and you’ll paint yourself
from the inside
with this ambrosia of quiet wealth

life is to be sipped gently

heat, thirst, creation
a cocktail of divinity
danced in mortal sway

circle high, circle low
a sashay here, a dip there
a tumble
just because

so, you pirouette the skies
silent laughter, a smile, a splash
of heavens intent

painting by the Painted
no dots

©DP September MMX

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  1. Posted September 4, 2010 at 11:11 pm | #

    Lovely poetic interpretation of an exquisite photo.