Greg Adkins and Dale Leffler

Greg Adkins

Dale Leffler
Inspiration Piece

My Path

My path has not been straight.
I have stumbled over many stones, lost my way too often to share without shame and embarrassment

I confess to not being awake in the mornings of opportunities,
I have nodded off just as the evening of possibilities presents themself.

I give away my best advice that I, myself most need.
Acting as a Wiseman, my speech confirms my ignorance.

I accept that being in process, mistakes will be made, the price equals the value of the lesson.

Experience does not come cheap first time, second time, anytime.

Notice I distanced any association with the pain I inflict upon myself.
As if I don’t know better.
Delusions of non-responseability,
As if the pen knew not what words it would write.

Sweat drips like dew from my neck down my spine while the work, not always clean or easy, affirms results are worth the efforts.

My path continues to be crooked and presents me with many stony obstacles.
I stumble over familiar territory making fewer missteps, paying attention to placement, while accepting that now, only I can know what true knowledge I need, be it pain or joy, triumph or grief, until my final end.

Perhaps that, dear friend, is the wisdom I seek most on this trek.

Words by Dale

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  1. Posted September 7, 2010 at 1:58 am | #

    The response is unexpected, yet so fitting for the complex poem.