Kim Dollar and Michelle Wallace

Michelle Wallace
Inspiration piece

More Than My Parts
By Kim Dollar

I’ve been bitten and I’ve been slapped
Held more children than fit in my lap
Had my belly round and full of life
Written a song that took too long to write
I’ve been drunk more than I care to admit
Been given lessons on the right way to spit
I’ve been called talented, funny, and cute
Unstylish, uncouth, and less than astute
I’ve done the right thing at the wrong time
Walked hand in hand by the River Rhine
I’ve breathed through pain and laughed through sorrow
I’ve lived it up, knowing I’ll hate tomorrow

I can bait my own hook, catch my own fish
Then transform it into a delectable dish
I’m not out of luck if I get a flat tire
I tend to be damn good at getting hired
I know that the Sun only has so much fuel
I know to choose wisely who I try to duel

My hands to write, to fix, to hold
My mouth to sing, to love, to scold
My breasts to woo, entice, and feed
My legs to climb, play, and gain speed
My puppets aid me in all these things
I am the master pulling the strings

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  1. Posted September 6, 2010 at 10:52 pm | #

    Kim, I love this! You really captured YOU, all the parts. I loved reading all of these bits and pieces, some I knew, others I didn’t. Thank you for sharing YOU!