Choosing “yes” to the Terms & Conditions question on the registration form indicates your agreement to the following SPARK Terms & Conditions

SPARK: art from writing: writing from art is a voluntary event that you may take part in, free of charge, so long as you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Please read these carefully. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, you may not take part in SPARK.

1. Originality of Response Pieces: All work submitted as a response piece will be newly created by you during the 10-day SPARK round. You willnot submit previously created work as a response to your partner’s inspiration piece.

2. Copyright: All work you submit to SPARK will be created by you. You will not pass off another person’s work as your own, nor will you share any SPARK work not created by you in any form in any way—including online or in print—without permission from the work’s creator.

3. Publication: By taking part in SPARK, you acknowledge that your work—both inspiration and response pieces—will be published on the resulting SPARK website. You retain copyright to your work.

4. Deadlines: You agree to submit inspiration and response pieces to your partner and/or the SPARK management team by the deadlines set for each round. If you cannot meet a deadline, you will inform the SPARK management team as soon as possible. You acknowledge that missing a deadline means your work may not be published on the resulting SPARK website.

5. Privacy/Safety: You understand that SPARK participants are assigned partners randomly, and that the SPARK community comes from all over the world. SPARK currently has a Yahoo! discussion group and may soon have other online forums that you can join. You agree to play nice, respect others’ privacy and viewpoints, and use the normal caution when dealing with strangers over the Internet.

6. Content: You understand that some artwork, poetry, or prose may deal with adult content and that not everyone is comfortable with such content. If you plan to share such work with your partner, you will check with them first to make sure it’s okay. You acknowledge that such work may be deemed inappropriate for the resulting SPARK website and may not be published.

7. Submitting Electronic Files: You agree not to knowingly submit computer files to your partner or to the SPARK management team that contain any virus, worm, Trojan horse, or other contaminating or destructive feature or harmful code.