Jackie Fishman and Lisa Kilhefner

Colors and Spaces
The spaces between our words are always there
Two can never be one

Even a child born must leave her mother’s oneness
And at that moment, she sees through her own eyes
Feels through her own body and wonders with her own mind
She expresses to fill the spaces with sounds only she can understand
And one day those sounds will be words with spaces

So we talk but can never fill those spaces
The autumn colors of our expression are only there to shade our feelings
But cannot clue or map what we want to share or what we sense
The artistic may briefly bridge our separations
And the sensitive may there discern a colored map

But we need an outline, to chart our way from space to meaning
To find meaning in the colors of expression we scatter when we talk and create
So we search and try to connect as the seasons’ colors organically blend
Into each other, they know the way
Without a map, without sounds and without effort

But our spaces persist, our words don’t know how
Two can never be one

Inspiration Piece By Lisa Kilhefner