Lisa Nielsen and Kaylee Savage-Wright


Kaylee Savage-Wright


Lisa Nielsen

Inspiration Piece

Damaged Goods

He has insinuated himself into my breath,
ravaging my desire for freedom

Just to maintain takes every ounce of
is our newest game but only I seem to be playing

The longer I stay with him,
the more I forget what I know

The talisman of hope
I wear around my neck
is now a jaded sacrifice, a
pretty testimony to the power of illusion
or delusion, all I know is that I am here for the long haul.

There’s guilt by retaliation
[although he prefers redemption by guilt]
where digs are thrown
like darts.

His heart holds rounds and round of arsenal, it’s
that cold dark place where nothing is better than being right and hitting your target,

and I am buffered in, the world outside
taped to my wall like a postcard from a faraway place
I will never get to visit.