Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
and Nancy Claeys

Nancy Claeys
Inspiration piece

Wind’s Gift
By Amy Ludwig VanDerwater


One evening
every weathervane
from ancient barn to little church
released a rooster into dusk
from high upon its metal perch.

Farm wives tossed in quilted beds.
Iron turned to feather.
Children dreamed of treetops.
Mystery rode the weather.

Wind gathered liberated birds
alive for one enchanted night.
She spoke to them as one great flock –

Accept my gift of silent flight.
Tomorrow you will roost again
atop your buildings.
You will know
which way to tell the people
I am dancing as you blow.
But tonight your wings are real.
You are living birds.
Now go!

Unsure of how to feel
in downy bodies soft and new
these one-night-breathing-roosters
sipped on sky.  And off they flew.



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