Lauren B. Flax and Amaryllis Holloway

Lauren B. Flax


Appreciate Time

Amaryllis Holloway

Inspiration Piece

Caught up in the day to day routine
life is so busy, so frenetic
there is no time,
no time to visit friends
no time to enjoy the Saturday afternoon
while sitting on their porch in a rocking chair
drinking a cup of tea or lemonade
but then tragedy strikes, and they are gone
death has dealt a blow to their family, their friends, and me
I am left with only vague memories and
regrets of time which could have been spent more wisely
I should have…
if only I had made the time
I feel nothing but sorrow and a dull ache
a result of the knowledge
I have deprived myself of experiences with friends
because I was too busy to slow down
too busy to take the time to appreciate life

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